P1 biosignATure - System-oriented, multi-omics identification of biomarker signatures for the detection, quantification and treatment of atherothrombosis

P2 curATarget - Atherosclerosis targets in thrombo-inflammation

P3 microbAIome - Host-microbiome interactions in atherothrombosis

P4 curABodies - Atherothrombosis-associated autoantibody signatures as disease predictors and biomarkers for diagnosis and therapy

P5 diAMs - High-resolution 4D proteomics and lipidomics platform for the deciphering of molecular pathomechanisms of atherothrombosis


P6 curAIntervent - Locoregional RNA immunotherapy of atherothrombosis

P7 megATarget - Megakaryocyte targeting for the generation of reparative platelets

P8 heartATech - Monocyte-macrophage reprogramming for the prevention of ischaemic heart failure after myocardial infarction

P9 endoTArget - Development of therapeutic strategies in autoimmune thrombosis


P10 curAIscid - curATime AI science and development

P11 curAIvasc - AI-based analysis of vascular imaging for optimized optimised multidimensional information assessment

P12 curAIheart - Artificial intelligence based evaluation of echocardiographic image data under consideration of high-dimensional clinical data

P13 curAIsig - High-dimensional robust signal processing

P14 curAIknow - Application of the life science knowledge graph Ontosight® to support the prediction and validation of AI-generated hypotheses on the basis of patient data and healthy controls


P15 curAHub - Concept development for a platform for the use, processing and creation of value creation from biodata

P16 curAEducate - Networking, training, competence development

P17 curACulture - Development of an innovative and creative cluster culture